08 July 2014

Rider rams into a spectator at the Tour de France.

The talk of this year's Tour de France is the selfie and the race.  Like in years past, cyclists are running into spectators along the route.  This is one of the more spectacular examples of a rider potentially hurting of both himself and someone at the side of the road.   What do you think?  Should spectators be more careful or should the organization do more to protect the riders.  Leave your comments below.  

Photo via gyfcat.com

05 July 2014

4 Cyclists That Look Great Without Clothing

Not all cyclists are built like Denmark's Michael Rasmussen.  In fact, many are quite lovely and are not afraid to show some skin.  We chose these photos high lighting some of the best cyclists in the world.

Victoria Pendleton is a World and Olympic Champion.  What nice form on the bike:  A nice flat back.5

Everything Lance has done on the bike has an asterisk next to it.  There's no denying that his body looks good.  

Liz Hatch was an instant sensation for her looks earlier in her career.  Liz raced for Vanderkitten racing and now she's now making a comeback currently with CyclelivePlus-Zannata.

Mario Cipollini won 191 races in all during his career and practiced excellent form all the way.

12 June 2014

The most amazing 26:57 ever in cycling! Greg LeMond vs Laurent Fignon 1989 Tour de France Time Trial

25 years ago this July, Greg LeMond shocked the cycling world with his final time trial in Paris.  LeMond started the day 50 seconds down on Laurent Fignon and pulled off one of the greatest moments in the history of the Tour de France, winning by just 8 seconds!   His average speed over 15.2 miles was an outstanding 34 miles per hour.  

12 April 2014

8 Riders to watch for Paris Roubaix

Fabian Cancellara- the name on everyone's lips this week?   Fabian Cancellara is definitely the favorite after his commanding victory in The Tour of Flanders last week.  He also won last years race as well as Paris Roubaix in 2006 and 2010.  The only possible problem?  His team wasn't there to help him at the end of the race.  With strong teams from BMC and Omega, Fabian could find himself isolated at the end of the race. 

Tom Boonen- Always a favorite for Roubaix, Boonen has won the race 4 times and is going for a record 5 wins.  Unfortunately, he has had some personal issues he's been dealing with and he's crashed a couple of times this spring.  Last week in Flanders he struggled.  His Omega Pharma Quick Step team are always strong for this race. 
Sep Vanmarcke- The young Belgian has had some great results in the classics.  Last week he finished 3rd at the Tour of Flanders and the year before he finished 2nd in the Paris Roubaix.  He's young and would love to win his first cobbled trophy.   He's in excellent form this year! 
Greg Van Avermaet- Last week he finished 2nd at the Tour of Flanders after being off the front for a large part of the race.  His BMC team is strong for a race like Roubaix. 

Taylor Phinney- The young American had a great week last week.  He was away in a long break for much of the race.  In a strong team like BMC, he might be able to sneak away while the others watch Greg Van Avermaet.  He's won the U23 version of Roubaix 2 times!  

Peter Sagan-  Peter has struggled in major races this year.  His Cannondale team is often not present in the final moments of a race and the Slovak rider has been either tired or has started his sprint late.  Sagan's first ride at Roubaix was 2011 and he hasn't rode as well in this race as he has in others.  

Alexander Kristoff- After winning Milan San Remo three weeks ago, Kristoff's confidence seems to have grown.  He's been finishing well in other races and he seems to be in very good shape.  It's hard to imagine him winning the race this year but he could finish on the podium.  

Zdeněk Štybar- Last year Stybar crashed into a spectator's camera when he was in a good position to win Roubaix last year.  He lost precious momentum after the crash and eventually finished 6th in the race.  He's also the 2014 World Champion in Cyclocross.  He definitely has the bike handling skills for this race.

Others to watch- Evald Boasson Hagen is Norway's other favorite for the race.  He's expected to lead the Sky team. 
Niki Terpstra- Another strong rider from Omega, he could sneak away with a victory if the team plays it's cards right.
Johan Van Summeren- After a horrific crash last week, it would be hard to expect great things from Van Summeren, but he's won Roubaix before and is allegedly riding the race. 
Thor Hushovd- Thor has had some great results in Roubaix but his form has been lacking due to illness.
Bradley Wiggins- Never count a motivated Tour de France winner out of a race when they target it.
Sebastian Langeveld- Another strong rider for the Garmin team.  He's on great form this year.

I have been watching Paris Roubaix since 1985 when Marc Madiot won the race.  I thought it was weird that people would ride on cobbles.  I still think Roubaix is weird and I also love watching it.  
by Doug Duguay 

03 March 2014

Dave Campbell's Race Trivia- March 2014, Trofeo Laiguelglia

March 2014

Trofeo Laigueglia

The 2014 Trofeo Laigueglia was won by Filippo Pozzato
This early season Italian Road Race has been held annually since 1964 in Liguria, Italy. Having just been held last weekend (won by Colombian Jose Serpa), this UCI 1.1 race has quite a list of Campiones and Campionissimos in its relatively short history. As the European Road Season begins now in earnest in March, lets look at this great little rolling race that draws quality fields every year to its relatively warm roads.

Q1. Two Americans have won this event, neither being Greg Lemond! Can you name them? Even better, can you name the years they won?

Q2. Who holds the record for the most wins at the Trophy of Laigueglia?

Q3. All of the following great champions triumphed here EXCEPT one: Eddy Merckx, Giuseppe Saronni, Francesco Moser, Freddy Maertens, Paolo Salvodelli, and Roger DeVlaeminck.

Answers will be posted March 7th, 2014

25 February 2014

8 Tips For Preventing Saddle Sores on Your Bike

Miles of riding is possible with the right equipment
Nothing is worse than riding or racing with a saddle sore or "chafing" skin.  Your seat, shorts, and salt crystals from sweat can feel like 40 grit sand paper on your private parts.  Trust me, a pleasant, fun ride can quickly become an ordeal quickly, but these 8 tips will  help you stay happy and  comfortable on the bike.  

  1. Keep it clean down below.  Make sure you shower frequently while riding often. 
  2. Don't wear underwear or anything else that can cause friction.  Also avoid cotton shorts, as they tend to hold sweat.
  3. Reduce friction by not having your seat so high that your hips rock when you pedal.  If you haven't done it already, be sure to get your bike fitted properly by an expert. 
  4. Use good cycling shorts with a quality pad.  Good shorts don't have to be really expensive.  We stock pairs under $100.  
  5. Take off those shorts as soon as you done with your riding to reduce the chance of infection from sitting around in sweat soaked bike shorts.
  6. Use a clean pair of bike shorts every day.
  7. Use a lubricant on your chamois. Chamois Butt'r is good and available at several bike shops. Other quality brands include Assos Chamois Creme, while others swear by Udderly Smooth.  In the old days, we used to use Vasoline on synthetic or natural chamois, but I find it too heavy.  Newer chamois pads tend to be less abrasive. 
  8. Stay comfortable in the saddle
  9. Experiment with other products if you develop sores.  You may want to opt for a trip to the doctor and prescription antibiotics if the problem persists.  I have also found Teatree oil, diluted, to be very good at removing the infection.  Be careful as it may cause an allergic reaction.  There's no one solution for everyone. 

Did we miss anything?  Be sure to leave your tips in the comment section below. 
    Dougby Doug Duguay
    After selling jerseys on eBay to pay his mortgage, Doug Duguay launched BicyclingHub from his home in 2001 after a productive six-hour coding session. A native of the Pacific Northwest, Doug’s passion for cycling already had plenty of momentum when he moved to Portland, the town that inspired him to take up all manner of racing, from cyclocross and track to road and stage races. He considers starting BicyclingHub a lucky accident, and while running a business has cut into some of his training time, he’s chasing the idea of a race comeback--something he contemplates while climbing Portland’s west hills. Doug is BicyclingHub’s resident bibshort expert.

    03 February 2014

    2014 Tour de France Map

    Starting on Saturday July 5th  in Yorkshire in the United Kingdom and ending on Sunday July 27th 2014 in Paris, the 101th Tour de France will be made up of 21 stages and will cover a total distance of 3,656 kilometers (or 2,271 miles)

    These stages have the following profiles:

    • 9 flat stages
    • 5 hill stages
    • 6 mountain stages with 5 altitude finishes
    • 1 individual time-trial stage
    • 2 rest days

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